Bring back the old Big East

It was announced today that the Big 12 and Big East would be starting an annual challenge between the two conferences starting in the 19-20 season. As a WVU fan and alum, I’m gonna yell for everyone that’s thinking it. BRING BACK THE OLD BIG EAST. It is unbelievable that football had to ruin the best part of an already great college basketball season. The preseason tournaments in Maui, NYC, Myrtle Beach, and Puerto Rico give you a nice taste as it gets to the grinding part of the NFL season where you’re team might already be out of contention. The greatest tournament of the year perfectly ends the season beginning with the best weekend of the year. Cinderellas going on runs. Games on all day long.

Stuck in between is an extremely underwhelming conference schedule with not many teams to get excited about. I’ve been to the Kansas game in Morgantown almost every year since 2012. I’ve seen great upsets that included storming the court and singing country roads (best postgame tradition in the country). Who else is there? Kansas State should be good this year, Oklahoma has gone on some runs, Baylor always puts up a fight. But there’s nothing you can sink your teeth into. There is no rivalry. I can’t get in the car and drive to an away game and get booed for wearing my team’s gear. I don’t get to spend a week in Madison Square Garden watching the craziness unfold. The intensity of the those games can’t even be described. So just enjoy and reminisce about the best times of college basketball.

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