Gambling Corner-June 17, 2020

I wish I could be betting on some baseball the past couple weeks. The owners have done everything to mess that one up. Let’s just round up the players, make a field, and play some games for fun. In the meantime while we wait for that and the NBA and NHL to come back, I have a few picks to make you a few extra bucks.

PARLAY – Dortmund (-350)
Atletico Madrid (-125)

Dortmund is an easy pick any time they step on the pitch and aren’t going up against Munich. Madrid has to travel all the way up north. It might be a close one you have to sweat out but they should be able to get the job done. The parlay currently gives you odds of +131 so a nice little two game payout to get back on track.

Lotte Giants +158

We like to dig deep into the barrel to find some wins. I’m getting this out the night before in case anyone sees this and wants to bet this game. Who doesn’t love to watch baseball at 5:30 AM. Lotte got the win in game 1 against Kiwoom and is looking to win the their third of the last four series.

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