Gambling Corner 7/28

Just a few quick picks tonight. If you’re looking for a safe play tonight, I think there is two games on the board that can be played straight and parlayed together to make a little bit of quick cash.

Twins -140
Dodgers -130

Both teams are favorites tonight and I like both teams for different reasons. The Twins looked very good in the opening weekend against the White Sox who I think are also going to contend in that division. They put up ten runs against one of the guys I wish was playing for the Pirates right now, Lucas Giolito (was rumored to the Pirates at the deadline a few years back). They added fourteen more runs to board in Sunday’s win led by Nelson Cruz hitting two home runs and driving in seven. The Cardinals started off by taking two of three from the Pirates but I expect them to be humbled a bit in their first competition against a real opponent.

I’m just playing the odds with the Dodgers on the other hand. They open up a series against the Astros tonight. I can’t find the stat that I heard earlier today but it is the first time in a long time that the Astros aren’t favored to win. Vegas knows it is going to be the Dodgers night. Maybe even sprinkle some money on Mookie coming out of his slump tonight and hitting a home run

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