The Pirates continue to break my heart

I was out of town for opening weekend. It was the first time I can remember missing the whole first series for the Pirates. This season just seems different. The 60 game sprint of a season, an ongoing pandemic, not being able to attend the games, all combining with the low level of talent that appears on the 2020 roster make it tough to get amped up when 7 pm rolls around.

Last night even had a long rain delay, a four run blown lead, and extra innings to just add to the frustration at the end of the night of losing a bet. The Pirates offense looked lost outside of Colin Moran hitting two home runs before anyone else even entered the hits column. Adrian Houser looked impressive last night after the rain delay but they made him look like he was a Cy Young candidate. Four balls left the infield at one point late in the game and two of them were Moran’s home runs. The exciting part of this season was supposed to be seeing how the young crop of talent (Frazier, Newman, Bell, Reynolds) could improve on last season and really step up as leaders for the 2020 squad. I know its still early but those four are a combined 6-56 (.107) with no home runs. As frustrating as it was to have no sports for a few months, I’m not sure how I am going to make it through the next 56 games.

Let me know what you like so far about this season or topics that you’d like to see me write about.

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