Gambling Corner 10/15

Destin Coates diving for his first touchdown against NC State (@GeorgiaStateFB)

We’re back. Every time I say I’m going to keep doing this consistently, it lasts only a couple days but I think this time will be different. We have an additional person helping grow the site so I will be the one posting daily and if he has any picks, I’ll include them here. Also, go follow us at SportShift Media on both Twitter and Instagram. I will post our bets there as well.

Tonight, there isn’t much to pick from. With the Thursday night NFL game being pushed back, we are left with two baseball games and a non power five college football game. Let’s start there.

Georgia State +138
Georgia State/Arkansas State Over 71.5

I know why this line is the way it is and I think that if you check closer to game time, the smart money will be on Georgia State. Most betters see Arkansas State as the team that upset Kansas State but other than that, their season has been disappointing. They are currently sitting at 2-2. Georgia State on the other hand has had a pretty good start to the season despite starting only 1-1. After a loss in overtime to Louisiana Lafayette, they dominated against East Carolina on the way to their 49-29 win. They are averaging 40 points per game in first few weeks. I think Arkansas State will be able to run with them in the first half but the running game of Cornelius Brown IV and Destin Coates will be too much to handle in the second half.

Tampa Bay Rays -143

The Astros only delayed the inevitable last night. Greinke pitched very well for them but they can’t trot him out two days in a row. The Rays are the better team and will end the series tonight.

Dodgers/Braves Over 9

This hurts me to do because I love betting unders in Dodger games. When Buehler and Kershaw are on the mound, it feels like you’re doing them a disservice to bet on 9 or more runs to be scored. However, with Kershaw being scratched the other day, we don’t know how he’s feeling. And the Dodgers offense could just score 10 runs by themselves so here is to hoping both offenses go off like the Dodgers last night and this can be an early win.

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