CRM Places Second….AGAIN

Sunday night the S51 Elite Old Testament Firearms Truck Series took to Michigan for 150 miles of bumper to bumper action. We put the truck on the front row in qualifying and were quietly confident for another solid points day. This quickly became more difficult than expected.

Right out of the gate, mayhem ensued. 3 cautions in the first stage wiped out a handful of contending trucks putting us 5th for some much needed stage points. 3 more cautions in the second stage wiped out another handful of good trucks and set us up in prime position to pounce for a great points day.

After 6 cautions in the first 39 laps, the drivers settled down with the final 36 laps going caution free. Points became an afterthought once we found ourselves sitting second with 16 laps to go. Suddenly we found ourselves leading the race on lap 60 and what looked to be clear sailing ahead. However, this depended on the fuel mileage our Country Roads Motorsports truck was going to get over the final 16 laps.

We held the lead until lap 68. When being passed for the lead, the 56 truck slid into our front bumper knocking us into the wall and losing momentum. This ended up being a blessing in disguise as we were about a lap short on fuel. Sitting behind the two lead trucks allowed us to save just enough gas to coast to the finish. After the second place truck ran out of gas coming to the white flag, we coasted out of turn 4 to put up our best finish in the Elite Truck Series.

p2 added 12 points to our chase cutoff gap, giving us some breathing room with only 4 races left in the regular season. Next week we head to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, a road course. That won’t be the easiest track for this small team to gain points. Either way, strap ’em down and give ’em hell. Shoutout to SportShift Media, Voice of Motown, and The JuiceBox Pod for backing this operation.

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