CRM Survives Mosport

If you’ve followed Country Roads Motorsports in their short existence, you’ll know road racing is not our forte. It’s a dreaded topic around the shop. For whatever reason, making right turns just doesn’t sit well with our racecars. The best we can hope for is to survive and not lose TOO many points.

Sunday night we did survive, and in fact padded our points cushion to the playoff cutline. The S51 Elite Old Testament Firearms Truck Series went to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in our only trip to a road course this season. 45 laps of survival saw the #01 Voice of Motown Silverado finish p10 in stage 1 and p8 in stage 2 for some much needed stage points.

After never having a top 10 finish on a road course in our NASCAR iRacing career, we brought home a p8 when it was all said and done. This wasn’t a mistake free race, as we threw away a top 5 finish in both stages by missing corners and missing shifts. However, we fought to weather the storm. Finding ourselves p4 with 20 laps left, we had another hiccup in the final stage, setting us back to p7. After running back down positions 4 through 6, another mistake set us back to p8 with 3 laps left. At best it was probably a p4 night but we will take a p8 on a road course any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

This solid run saw our points margin grow to +40 from the cut line for the playoffs. We currently sit 6th in the chase grid, 4th in overall points. CRM is also leading the Rooke of the Year standings. Next race is at Phoenix November 8th.

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