Recapping Week 8 College Picks

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Week 8 saw a great start to the day with Jake starting 4-2. Hank started 0-1 in the early window. The game we had the most eyes on was the home team pulling out the upset (if you want to call it that) over Kansas State. After the first quarter, The WVU offense looked like a completely different team, scoring on three straight possessions for the first time this season.

The 4 wins on the betting slate for Jake included beatdowns by Coastal Carolina and Cincinnati. Those games were essentially over before they started. Kentucky managed to hold on late and stay within the +17.5 spread. The Illinois picks were made before hearing about all of the missing players due to Covid. There was still a belief that an upset could happen but Purdue put that to bed with a lead of 31-10 through 3 quarters. Illinois managed to score 14 in the 4th quarter to draw it within one score. They got the ball back late and got to the Purdue 8 but were unable to punch it in. David Bell made a huge catch on third down to close out the game and ruin the Illinois moneyline chances but we’ll take a split, winning Illinois +8.5.

The heartbreaking loss of the noon slate was the Michigan/Michigan State under. With 6 minutes to play, the total points scored for the game was at 37. A touchdown by Michigan State with just over 5 to play ended Michigan’s chances of coming back but pretty much guaranteed the under wouldn’t hit. ANYONE with that bet knew Michigan would score a garbage touchdown late and it happened with 37 seconds left to ruin what was the right side to pick. Hank’s noon slate saw Coastal Carolina/Georgia State fall 9 points short of 60. Georgia State couldn’t get on the board to help out the bet.

The afternoon is where things became unraveled. LSU got beat down from the beginning. Jake’s hatred for Bo Nix continues to put him on the wrong side of Auburn too many times. That will be the last time (probably not) he goes to that well. Both Hank and Jake missed out in the back and forth shootout in Stillwater with Oklahoma State not able to step on the throat of Texas early when they had a lead. They did manage to score late to tie the game but unable to convert in overtime. This left the big 12 with no undefeated teams, basically eliminating themselves from any chance of a playoff shot. However, the race for the Big 12 championship will still be an interesting one. 6 teams are within 1 game of the lead for the conference.

Another team getting shut out left Jake and Hank with another loss in the Alabama/Mississippi State game. Mike Leach’s team has now scored 30 total points in 4 straight losses since the opening season win against LSU. Jake’s day ended winning three out of four with Ole Miss easily winning against SEC basement dweller Vanderbilt, Ohio State comfortably winning against Penn State, and Oklahoma/Texas Tech almost hitting the over in the first half. Ohio State came out early and punched Penn State in the mouth. The line got a little close after two Penn State touchdowns but the Buckeyes came right back and broke Nittany Lion fan’s hearts with a 12 play drive to put the game out of reach. The late loss of the evening was Western Kentucky +30.5 against BYU. I won’t lie to you. I did not stay up for this one. BYU jumped out to a 35-3 lead at halftime and I gave in to defeat after a long day. A very uneventful second half saw Western Kentucky win the half 7-6 but still fall short of the spread by half a point. Hank comes out with the win in the lock fight.

Hank’s night at least ended on a good note. UNC gave it everything they had to get back into the game with three straight touchdown drives in the second half, but a nine minute drive by Virginia that ended a field goal made the difference in losing that one. The Virginia Tech line smelled strange every time I looked at it throughout the week and I should have just jumped on it with him. VT wins easily although Louisville did score a late touchdown to make it a 7 point game. The late addition of Texas A&M/Arkansas over 52.5 got Hank his last win of the night getting all the way to 73. This one was over in the third quarter.

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