CRM’s Quest For Indy 500 Begins Today

Country Roads Motorsports’ Month of “May” kicks off today with Fast Thursday practice for the Rich Mar Florist Indianapolis 500. This will kick off a series of practice and qualifying sessions leading up to the big dance on November 14th. This will be CRM’s first attempt at an IndyCar race since running the iRacing Indy 500 in May. Steinmiller was able to lead 50 laps before being caught in an incident with 50 to go.

The SportShift Media car will roll off the grid 54th out of 55 drivers attempting to qualify for the race tomorrow night. In order to make the field, Steinmiller must qualify in the top 32 on his run. Qualifying is done in 4 lap intervals with the average of the laps counting as the qualifying time. If he qualifies 33rd on back, there will be a bumping round where drivers 33rd-55th will make one more 4 lap attempt and the fastest driver will start 33rd. Among the entries are those participating in the Elite MegaDriver86 IndyCar Series and some real life IndyCar drivers. A full list of entries is below.

1Henry Bennett
2Chad Frankenfield
3Eric O’Connor
4Victor Del Porto
5Alexander van de Sandt
6Nick DeGroot
7Julien Altena
8Matt Huston
9Jari Bruppacher
10Thomas Geissler
11John Poole III
12Alek Balvanz
13Chris Fowler
14Jared Rexing
15Carlos de Aguiar
16Chad Thurnquist
17Caleb Benci
18Jared Owens
19RC Enerson
20Tristan Wood
21Marshall Stanley
22Kendall Noah Player
23Chuck Sweeting
24Covy Moore
25Thales Toledo
26Ryan Lutz
27Chuck Knaub
28Davey Hamilton Jr
29Rishov Khosla
30Michael Goodman
31Robert Megennis
32Simon Sikes
33AJ Hobson
34Mark Rebilas
35Collin Weatherholt
36Ed Carpenter
37Shawn Garrett
38Todd Eldredge
39Chris Wilhite
40Mathieu Weeks
41Conor Daly
42Damien Leininger
43Simon Grills
44Stefan Wilson
45Matt Gosch
46Dustin Duerr
47Brent Jones
48Nick Yeuman
49Casey Hatch
50Brandon Ehrhardt
51Eric Troyano
52Codu Bullock
53Brody Moore
54R Hank Steinmiller
55Johnny Thomas

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