Week 10 College Football Recap

Week 10 proved once again that the guys should probably just stick to noon games on Saturdays. The Liberty game was an exciting one as Jake hit the over as both teams went back and forth all game long. Hank had Liberty +16.5 hit easily and for anyone that listened in, you made a lot of money if you sprinkled some money on the Liberty moneyline. It almost didn’t happen if this block wasn’t called back.

Northwestern was a sweat it out game as both teams struggled to score but Northwestern took an 8 point lead with just under 11 minutes to go and held on even as Nebraska got into the red zone twice but couldn’t punch it into the end zone. Northwestern gets a big interception inside the five to close the game out. This gave Jake a 2-0 start moving into the afternoon window.

Hank kept the winning train rolling with the Arkansas State/Louisiana Lafayette under was never in doubt. Cincinnati continues to their dominance as well. Jump on the train because they are fun to watch and have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way. A win for both of the guys in that one. East Carolina got all the way to the 3 yard line but couldn’t punch it in. The touchdown wouldn’t have affected the score as the Tulane was up multiple scores, but their defense stood strong to hand East Carolina and Hank his first loss.

Wins were few and far between for Jake as the day continued. Vandy and Mississippi State was the rock fight he hoped it would be hitting the under. Oregon pulled out a win in their opener and looked good for Jake’s future on the Ducks to win the Pac-12. And a principle play of fade Tennessee worked out as well as Arkansas shut them out in the second half for a 24-13 win.

Georgia jumped out to a lead and was looking promising until Bennett went down and Florida got on a roll. A double loss is the toughest thing to have to watch as a gambler. South Carolina got beat down by Texas A&M. I may be starting to believe in the Aggies.

The game of the night handed Hank and Jake their last loss of the night. It lived up to the hype though as Ian Book led Notre Dame on a 91 yard, 1:24 drive to tie the game and send it to overtime. Daelin Hayes came up with a huge sack in double overtime and D.J. Uiagalelei’s great performance was brought short as they couldn’t convert to keep the game going. Notre Dame wins 47-40. It is a tough loss to swallow for Clemson as their defense couldn’t hold on in regulation but the future is bright after Trevor Lawrence is gone. On a side note, don’t storm the field when you’re ranked number 4.

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