CRM Gets Season Back on Track

The season could have started out worse for Country Roads Motorsports, but not much worse. Two races marred by incidents saw the JuiceBox Podcast Chevy finish 12th in both races and leaving them 11th in points. That all changed with one strong run Tuesday night.

The night started off on a better note than others as we were able to complete our qualifying lap. Starting p4 felt like a win already, hopefully placing us ahead of any early contact and wrecks, keeping the fenders on the car for longer. WRONG! Lap 2 had us stuck in the wall, bouncing off to make contact with the car underneath, leaving us with a minute of repairs. Restarting 23rd on lap 7, a long green flag run worked to our favor as we meticulously picked our way through the field up to 9th around lap 60. Let the strategy game begin.

Pitting twice after the lap 2 incident, gave us a little more fuel than the rest of the field. After 60 laps or so, it became apparent the tire falloff was not enough to warrant pitting as long as the fuel could last the rest of the race. We were 6 laps to the good with 15 laps left sitting p4 when the yellow flag flew. Only 6 cars were left on the lead lap, allowing us to get a fresh set of tires and avoid losing much track position. Contact among the top 5 on the green, white, checkered finish gave us a lane to move from 5th to 2nd on the final restart and secure our best finish of the season. The hard fought run moves us up to 6th in points, 82 points out of first place with 9 races left.

Thanks to the JuiceBox Podcast and SportShift Media for the support. We’re going to do our best to improve our points position and give this thing a run for a title.

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