Draft Night is Here!

What more could you ask for on a Wednesday night in November. You sit down after dinner, pop on some MACtion and watch the next stars of the NBA walk across the stage. It isn’t too often that we are this close to the first pick being announced, and we don’t already know who it is. Minnesota might not even keep the pick; no one really knows. The top 5 of this draft can be twisted around any way you feel like it. We’re going to give a little preview by giving our mock draft of the top 10.

Pick 1 – Minnesota Timberwolves
Anthony Edwards

Some have questioned whether he really loves to play the game of basketball. That is scary for a player that I have listed as the number one overall pick. The great players all are extremely passionate about the game. If he can find that passion, he can easily be the best player in this draft. Edwards has the best scoring potential and has comparisons to James Harden. With a powerful frame and aggressive mentality, the backcourt of Edwards and D’Angelo Russell could be electric for years to come.

Pick 2 – Golden State Warriors
James Wiseman

I think whoever the Timberwolves end up taking, this is the pick for the Warriors. I don’t see them grabbing Wiseman and trying to make it work between him and Towns. Wiseman is 7’1 with a 7’6 wingspan and has elite defensive potential. With Steph Curry, Klay Thompson healthy, they don’t need more on the scoring end. Having a stopper on the back end and an athletic big who will run the floor with them will help catapult this team back to the top of the league. If his jumpshot develops, look out.

Pick 3 – Charlotte Hornets
LaMelo Ball

I’m not as high on the next Ball prospect as most people are but it seems to be a consensus that he won’t fall beyond this spot. A 6’6 point guard with great court vision is something the Hornets will love to have. The rest of his game still needs to develop but the Hornets are still a few years away from contending. He’ll have time to grow.

Pick 4 – Chicago Bulls
Obi Toppin

Obi Toppin goes from a zero star recruit to National Player of the Year to top 5 NBA pick. What a story. He was so much fun to watch last year and I think he carries that straight into next season with the Bulls. The front court of Toppin and Markanen will give Billy Donovan a lot of options on how to play. One thing you’ll always see from Toppin is high energy.

Pick 5 – Cleveland Cavaliers
Deni Avdija

The first international prospect goes off the board to round out the top 5. He has similar skills to Luka Doncic but I won’t quite put him in that stratosphere yet but he will be a great all around player right from the start.

Pick 6 – Atlanta Hawks
Tyrese Haliburton

Tyrese Haliburton has great size at the point guard spot and he can really shoot it. He didn’t always get to showcase it at Iowa State as there was not much help around him. Teams could really key on him. Giving him a chance to get stronger and develop more behind Trae Young will be huge for his game.

Pick 7 – Detroit Pistons
Onyeka Okongwu

In one year at USC, Okongwu was very efficient, shooting 61.6% from the field. He could jump over a few of the prospects in front of them if Wiseman is off the board and they really want a center. He is still a very raw talent that will need to be given time to develop.

Pick 8 – New York Knicks
Killian Hayes

This is a player no one is really sure about. Some have him going in the top 5, others have him way down outside the top 10. He was a good player in France but whether he can shoot the ball from deep will really determine how his career goes.

Pick 9 – Washington Wizards
Devin Vassell

Devin Vassell stepped in to a top role and led Florida State to a great season last year, scoring just under 13 a game and shooting 41 percent from 3. He has shades of Khris Middleton in him with an elite defensive mentality and that 3 point stroke. The Wizards get a great pick here even if the rest of his offensive skills don’t develop.

Pick 10 – Phoenix Suns
Isaac Okoro

This is my one hopeful pick of the night. The Phoenix Suns have been one of my favorite teams ever since they got Devin Booker. Sprinkling in other solid players like Deandre Ayton and Kelly Oubre and finishing it off by adding my favorite college player, Jevon Carter, solidified them as my team. They made a big splash this week getting Chris Paul to help Booker continue to grow in the backcourt and really put them in a position to contend. If Isaac Okoro somehow can fall to them, he will add into exactly what they want to do. He is the best perimeter defender in this draft and it isn’t really close. If he can develop a little on the offensive end, he could be an elite two way player.

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