SportShift Media College Picks of the Week

Week 11 ended almost with chalk as SMU was the only ranked team to lose. Hank and Jake had a 4 games that they had different picks on and ended up splitting so both end the week 13-3. This keeps Hanks in the lead with a total record of 31-8 while Jake trails by 2 games at a record of 29-10. As you may have seen yesterday, we introduced Brandon to the SportShift Media family. We will test him right away as he jumps in with his college and NFL picks. This week, we have some massive games that can shift the balance of power this season. With that, let’s get to the picks. 13-3

Don’t forget to check out The Final Drive. Friday episodes are our gambling episodes where we break down our 5 favorite bets in college and the NFL. Let us know what upsets you see happening this week.

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