NEWS: Sim-Helper iRacing Stat Directory is LIVE

A new directory for league racing in iRacing has launched at This web directory allows you to create your own iRacing league page complete with stats, info, blogs and much more. If you’re thinking of creating your own iRacing league, but a full experience is desired, this is the site for you. Sim-Helper keeps every stat you can think of and can track standings for many different points systems. Schedules, broadcast sites, and blogs are also available.

Looking to make a special event for charity or even for fun? Use Sim-Helper to keep track of the signup list in real-time. Know how many drivers have signed up for your special event, keep track of the schedule, and review the stats/standings. Promote your special event through its own unique page through Sim-Helper. Find other special events going on in the iRacing community by browsing the list on the site as well. In addition, NASCAR Heat is in the process of being compatible with the service.

Sim-Helper creator Anthony Guarnieri is hosting a race to give away TWO sponsorships on January 9th. It will be an 80 lap event at Atlanta Motor Speedway in the ARCA cars. No cautions, only one fast repair, and two sets of tires. The winner and fan favorite will win a sponsorship from Sim-Helper to celebrate the launch. Gain sponsorship for your league races and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Check out Sim-Helper at the link below. If there are any questions send SportShift Media a question through Twitter or contact Anthony himself on Twitter @dr_nascar. Join the Discord from the link on the website for more information on updates and upcoming news.

LINK: Sim Racing’s Social Hub | Sim-Helper (

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