Gambling Corner 2/2/21

Back on the positive side of things. The group goes 3-2 overall. Jake has another 1-2 night with the Bruins pulling off five unanswered goals to help get the only win. It’s a big night in sports with eight hockey games, six NBA games, and eight Top 25 teams in action. Jake is going heavy on Iowa tonight as he has three picks from that game. We’ll update later on once we get Chad’s pick so check back before 7.

Jake’s Picks

Parlay #1

🏀 Marquette -3.5

Marquette has looked rough the last few games losing by an average of 19 points. I think they are still a better team than Butler. I considered taking the moneyline but I’ll take the risk of them getting a few free throws at the end. Dawson Garcia is a player no one wants to play against. Look out for another 20 point night.

🏀 Iowa first half -5.5

I’ll just explain all three of my picks for this game here. Michigan State has lost six of their last eight games. They rank last in the Big Ten in points per 100 possessions. They also rank last in several other offensive categories including all of the field goal percentages categories and next to last in turnovers. Iowa will look to rebound after their lost to Illinois so they won’t hold back at all.

🏀 Grizzlies/Pacers over 221.5

The Grizzlies have a slew of injuries but continue to put up big numbers. Dillon Brooks has taken over and is playing well. They put up an average of 130 points against San Antonio in the last two games. I think that trend continues and Indiana has shown that they can keep up and put up points themselves.

Parlay #2

🥅 Senators/Oilers under 6.5

The Senators just aren’t a good hockey team. They managed to get five in the first game of this series but I think with Koskinen returning to the net, he shuts the door and keeps them at 1 goal at most. The only scary part is that the Oilers could easily put up the 7 on their own with Matt Murray in net on the other side.

🏀 Iowa -9.5

🏀 Baylor -5.5

This is just a principle play here. Baylor at less than ten against anybody is a bargain. Texas is a good team but they aren’t nearly as deep as Baylor. This will be a close game for about thirty minutes with the Bears pulling away late.

Parlay #3

🏀 UNC/Clemson under 134.5

The only win for Clemson in the last five games is a brutal game against Louisville where they won with only 54 points. UNC is picking up some steam but they still aren’t a huge offensive power house. This is going to be another ugly game played in the 50’s or 60’s.

🏀 Auburn -8.5

Auburn played really well against Baylor on Saturday but the Bears just had too much firepower to end the game. I think they rebound well here and get a double digit win over Georgia. Turnovers will play a big part in this one.

🏀 Michigan State/Iowa under 154.5

Chad’s Picks

🥅 Avalanche/Wild over 5.5

Isaac’s Picks

🥅 Senators/Oilers over 6.5

🥅 Oilers -1.5

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