Gambling Corner 2/3/21

Last night was a .500 night for the group but I’m really frustrated with my first parlay. Marquette goes up 17 in the first half and ends up only winning by three. Iowa comes out flat, manages to take the lead, but goes into halftime up 5. That’s two legs of the parlay that lose by a combined 1 point. The Grizzlies/Pacers game hit so that would have been a winner. I was very wrong on the Iowa game. Lose it three different ways. I feel confident that we’re going to turn it around today. We have a lock agreement between me and the hockey boys and Brandon is debuting his picks. Follow us @sportshiftmedia on Instagram to follow along with our daily picks.

Jake’s Picks

Parlay #1

🥅 Flyers/Bruins over 5.5

I had this on my card. Two of the top teams in the east and I saw Chad and Isaac had it so I had to keep it to try and get a big group win.

🏀 Oklahoma State -220

Oklahoma State has been playing well and has one of the best players in the country. TCU also just isn’t very good and doesn’t have anybody that can guard Cunningham.

🏀 Villanova -10

Villanova quietly has one of the most efficient offenses in the country. They’ve covered in five of their last six in Big East play. St John’s thrives off of turnovers but I don’t think they’re gonna get many here.

Parlay #2

🏀 Suns -3.5

The Suns are rolling right now and just got Devan Booker back. Sounds like Steven Adams is going to be out for the Pelicans which leaves a big hole in the middle of the floor. The Pelicans already don’t play very good defense so I think Phoenix will win easily in this one.

🏀 LSU/Alabama over 164

They tried to scare us away with the total being so high but I’m still rolling with it. Big bounce back game for Alabama, who has shot 41% from the field in their last four games. They put up 100 on LSU earlier in the season. Even if they don’t do that again, LSU scores the second most points in the SEC. They’ll keep up.

🏀 Memphis -11

They just beat this team by 27 on Monday. Enough said.

Brandon’s Picks

🏀 Mavericks/Hawks under 223.5

Brandon’s lock of the night is this one because 62% of Dallas’ games have gone under and 65% of Atlanta’s games have gone under. The total still stayed up in the 220’s so he feels confident about that.

🏀 Hawks +102

🏀 Missouri -200

🏀 Alabama -8.5

🏀 Knicks/Bulls over 216

Chad’s Picks

🥅 Flyers/Bruins over 5.5

Isaac’s Picks

🥅 Flyers/Bruins over 5.5

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