Episode 9- Gauntlet

We’ve switched things up a little bit but we are officially live with episode nine of Press Break. You can find it everywhere that you listen to podcasts by searching The Juicebox Pod. We also have new video clips from the podcast that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SportShiftMedia.

(0:35) Jake gives a quick state of the union for the podcast to let you know what to expect from the guys moving forward. (3:43) Take a ride with Jake and Brandon as they go Around the Country in Ten Minutes. (12:40) Anybody that loves trivia. Check out this part for a Top 25 question that Brandon did a pretty good job of answering. (15:19) Jake gets into the two huge WVU wins in the first edition of the Mountaineer Minute. He has a bold statement for the Texas Tech win and has changed his expectations on this season. (27:01) The first Cavalanche segment does not go as expected due to black out issues. Thanks ACC Network. Brandon goes on a rant about the team’s struggles against Georgia Tech as we watched the box score. (46:15) As we approach the tournament, we’ll jump into the projections more in depth during Bracket Busters but this week we give our number one seeds. Brandon goes out on a limb and makes a surprising pick. We end the show with a little preview of the weekend. Villanova and Creighton get set for a big matchup in the Big East and a sleepy good doubleheader goes down in the Missouri Valley between Loyola Chicago and Drake.

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