Deuce is Loose at the Combine

Everyone is waiting with bated breath in Morgantown to see if Miles McBride will return to play his Junior season at WVU. As time continues to roll on, it seems more and more likely he won’t be back after seeing how impressed scouts are by his game and work ethic. He has moved into the discussion for a late first round pick but could continue to rise based on what we saw yesterday from Chicago.

He has been an excellent mid range shooter since he arrived on campus two years ago. His three point shooting has been a work in progress but he has shown steep improvement. He jumped from a 30% shooter to a 41% shooter last year and it seems like he continues to grow. Add in his work ethic and athletic ability, I think he will easily be a first round selection. McBride has until July 7th to make his decision. It is sad to see him go but all Mountaineer fans will be watching Deuce get loose in the NBA for years to come.

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