Ranking the Fast & Furious Series

The next installment of the Fast & Furious series hits theaters this weekend. In honor of the event, I wanted to give my breakdown of movies from best to worst. We had a debate on twitter and there are many different views about the series.

The series has come so far from that first movie in 2001. Who could have imagined that a group of guys stealing box TV’s from trucks would eventually be going all over the world fighting the biggest villains. Some may not like how big things have gotten in the series. Every time you think they’ve done the craziest, most unrealistic thing possible, they one up it in the next movie. The way to appreciate these movies is to realize it’s just a crazy, action packed series that can’t be taken too seriously. Enjoy the racing, the jokes, the action, the catch phrases. That’s what they are here to do.


8. The Fate of the Furious

A series that has prided itself on family and this group of people being tighter than anyone else, should not make the star of the film, Dominic Torretto, into a villain. Sure, they explain it and he is doing it to try to save his actual family. But it still just rubs me the wrong way. Probably the best scene of the movie, is Jason Statham’s fight scene on the plane when he is saving the baby.

Every movie after Paul Walker’s death is going to be near the bottom of the list, as he was a critical character in the series.

7. 2 Fast 2 Furious

This one is a little out there with how silly it is. And you are missing Dom and the action that you get from the later movies. You do get introduced to Tej and Roman who bring life to the film. Their characters change a bit when they rejoin the crew later on, but they are still great additions in this film.

6. Fast & Furious 7

This is the one change I made from my original Twitter list. This was definitely the toughest film for the crew to make. The tragedy of Paul Walker’s death threw a huge wrench into the plot but with digital effects, we were still able to watch a terrific ending to send him off. There are also a few absolutely insane scenes in this movie. Describing them doesn’t do them justice. Just watch below.

I also think the addition of Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody adds a much needed element to the crew. None of the chaos from the 7th and 8th movies would be possible without his involvement, and more importantly, his money. He also plays the character incredibly well.

5. Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

This is always a controversial topic. You either love Tokyo Drift or you hate it. I’m one of the few people in the middle. You miss the characters that you’ve grown to love in the first two movies to start. It feels very detached from the series. But it eventually links up and after a few rewatches, you really have to appreciate how much this movie loves cars. At it’s core, this might be the most fast and furious movie of the bunch. The two big takeaways: we love to drive and Sean finds a family. Something that we start to get away from as we continue on in the series. We are also introduced to Han. One of my most underrated characters in the whole series. Jerry from The Juicebox Pod also made a good point in the twitter thread. It has possibly one of the best talking scenes in the whole series and that is what puts it at number one for him.

4. Fast & Furious

This one falls behind the others not due to imperfections, but because the others are just that good. The movie did a great job of bringing the main crew back together after the last two movies. There was just a lot of character development that needed sorted out in not a lot of time. Five years is a long time. Brian finally chooses the dark side though and leaves his police life in the past.

3. Furious 6

This is where the series starts getting a little wild with things you never expected. The movie starts out with Brian and Mia having their baby and trying to live a normal life off the grid. Hobbs just has to come and ruin it with the news that Letty is alive. The first of characters to rise from the dead sends the crew to London for a crazy, action-packed couple of hours with the first villain of his kind, Owen Shaw. A tank vs. cars? Give me that every day of the week. The one thing that disappoints is the completely ridiculous long runway for the final scene. RIP Gal Gadot.

2. The Fast and the Furious

This started everything. A simple story about an undercover cop that falls in love and gets too attached to the ones he is trying to take down? There is probably 100’s of movies that fit that description but the friendship and the excellent car races are what set this apart from the rest and help set everything up for where we are now.

1. Fast Five

This movie hits the number one spot because of what it meant for the series. All of the chaos and craziness that happens in the next four films are all due to this one. Bring back all of the favorite characters from the last four films? ✅ Introducing the biggest addition to the series? ✅ Big time villain that seems impossible to defeat? ✅ Action scenes that are physically impossible that you have to laugh off? ✅ Adding the Rock not only added another big name, but it created a cool scenario where the crew was battling against two groups instead of just one.

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