Sports with BJ – Link KB and Special Announcement

What’s up everybody! If you didn’t watch live last night, here is the newest episode of Sports with BJ. I had a really fun time talking with Link KB about his new album and what these songs mean to him. He’s had a long journey in the music industry and it is always nice to see guys like him succeeding. He stuck around to talk some sports with us after. Diving into the NBA, there’s a lot to talk about in the nation’s capital. What will happen to Russ and Beal? Who will be the new head coach? There are some bold takes on who it should be.

After we said goodbye to Link KB, JT joined me to finally let everybody know the big news we’ve been teasing. We’ve been planning things behind the scenes to merge the Sports with BJ platform and everything else going on at SportShift Media. I’ve been helping JT every way I can to grow the site and other podcasts so it made sense to combine everything into one media platform. I am now officially co-owner of SportShift Media but you will still be able to hear me on Sports with BJ by searching for us on all platforms under the SportShift Media name. We are very excited to continue growing this site and hope you are too.

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