Brewed Bets #20- Team Total Tuesday

We’re a little over a month away from the start of college football so they guys decided it was time to get start discussing their futures bets. To start things off, we’re gonna go down south and talk about the SEC. They have shocked the sports world the past week with the news about Texas and OU but we have to wait a few years for that to go into affect. This season, there are a few teams that have national championship hopes and others will just be looking to get a conference win.

We dive into all of that, team by team, with Michael Meegan from The Any Given U Podcast. Michael is a former college football player at FIU and current active military member. His podcast is a great listen for anyone that is looking for a lot of good college football content. The link for his podcast can be found down below. As always, we are brought to you by Pale Horse Coffee. Go check out, get some coffee shipped to you, and use our promo code BrewedBets for 10% off your order.

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