Brewed Bets #24 – Big 12 Team Total Tuesday

Should we call this the Big 12 or the Big 8? Should we even go over the Texas and Oklahoma win totals? Just kidding. Of course we’ll go through all ten team’s win totals; even Kansas. We are joined by Dustyn Ivey. He is a great energy to have in the room anytime you’re talking about college football or any other sport. Go check his show SMCFP – Smoking meat & college football preview show. Every Saturday you can catch Dustyn making some crazy new recipe on the smoker with some friends and talking football. Week 0 will be some smoked spam for Hawaii/UCLA. And as always, go check out our sponsor Pale Horse Coffee. Get some great coffee to get your mornings started. Use promo code BrewedBets at checkout for 10% off your order.

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