We Want You…To Write For Us

It is the dog days of summer and before you know it, the temperature will drop and it will be time for some football. College football and Pro football take over the sports world unlike any other leagues. SportShift Media currently has a couple of writers and podcasters that love to bring their knowledge of the game to the internet. We want to expand our coverage for both College and NFL football this year so we are looking for sports fans that are excited for the upcoming season and want to talk about their team. We’re a pretty laid back group. If you want to crack some jokes about your team or other teams around the league, we’re all for that. If you’re a statistical mind like me and love to dive down into the stats and talk about the X’s and O’s of each game, that works too.

If you’re not the best writer or just prefer to be behind a camera or a mic, we also are willing to talk to you about being a produce or adding another podcast to our network.

To reach us and get added to the list of writers, reach out to me at sportshiftmedia@gmail.com. We’ll need your name, email, phone number, and any work that you’ve written before.

This position is unpaid at the moment as the site is still in the growing stage. But getting in at the ground floor means once the company starts to make money, you’ll be compensated with the rest of the writers currently working with us.

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