High School Football Team Lies to ESPN

Updated 8/31/2021 @ 10:33 AM

For those of you that were not awake last night when most of the news on this circulated, Bishop Sycamore (OH) may have lied to ESPN in order to gain a nationally televised game against IMG Academy. In an official statement, ESPN said, “We regret that this happened and have discussed it with Paragon, which secured the matchup and handles the majority of our high school event scheduling.” The Ohio High School Athletic Association does not recognize Bishop Sycamore as a high school and the “physical location, practice facilities, and roster eligibility could not be verified.” Here are the highlights of this wild story:

Bishop Sycamore does not exist

  • The head coach, Roy Johnson, has an active arrest warrant
  • ESPN couldn’t verify who ANY of their players were in their scouting databases
  • Most of their players were JUCO dropouts aged 19 and over
  • At least one player was using a fake name and lied about his recruiting
  • Their address is a residential house
  • They still lost by 60 to IMG and announcers were concerned for their safety
  • Bishop Sycamore High School does not exist and has no record of existing in OHSAA’s history
  • They’re based out of a Texas league (TCAL)
  • BS’s still scheduled to play Duncanville on September 10th

Here is a video wherein the ESPN anchors admit to the oddity that is Bishop Sycamore:

Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Faces Active Warrant, Civil Lawsuits Pile Up –  OutKick

Photo courtesy off ESPN

First reported to SportShiftMedia by Complex Sports.

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