Notes From Neal Brown Press Conference

Who is ready to run through a brick wall?!? For those traveling to College Park for Saturday’s game, get loud early and often and turn the game into a home game. Neal Brown mentioned that he thinks the fans will travel well like they normally do. Even in the tough road trip of the Big 12, WVU tends fill up their section of seats. Neal spoke about the Terps players a little bit before opening up to questions. He like Taulia’s ability to run and throw and the plethora of receiving options he has at his disposal. Both sides of the ball are question marks for what the Mountaineers will see with new coordinators coming in.

Changes needed in College Football:

“College football is lacking behind. High schools have scrimmages, NFL teams have preseason practices and scrimmages. I think there is a model out there in college football that we should explore. I don’t know if we need to scrimmage because our numbers are so low but I think there’s a way to practice with another team, maybe even somebody at a lower level. I think that any coach that says they know what they have, I don’t know if I’m believing them because you’re lining up and playing against yourself the whole time.”

Benefits of starting on the road:

“We need to get a bad taste out of our mouth. We didn’t go on the road and perform as well [last year]. That hadn’t been the case historically. We played our best football on the road in ’19 winning at Kansas State and winning at TCU. And then historically for our staff, we’ve played really well on the road. I don’t think it’s an issue but we’ve still got to go out and win on the road.”

Uncertainty of Maryland:

“Well they have one of the highest return rates, percentage wise. But there’s not a whole lot to go on. They only played five games a year ago and they have new coordinators. But Coach Stewart on defense, he was at Baylor last year. You’re kinda guessing on that. Coach Enos is the offensive coordinator; last time he called it was at Miami. Special teams they have a new coordinator as well. We’re trying to use our best guesses on what we’re gonna see.”

Which freshman will see the field on Saturday:

“We’ve got an idea. Offensively, Kaden Prather, he’ll be in the rotation, he’s going to play. Wyatt Milum will play at some point. Justin Johnson Jr. will probably see some playing time. Defensively, both transfers at linebacker (Lance Dixon, Deshawn Stevens), and Charles Woods also. Aubrey Burks is a possibility. And then, Kerry Martin who didn’t play a year ago.”

On the starting corner spot:

“Jackie missed a good bit of time but he’s going to play. He’s going to be healthy for the game but he missed some time during fall camp. We grade everything defensively and he (Daryl Porter) was our most productive in that room during fall camp. He’s had some growth and he’s earned that opportunity. But Jackie will play and play a lot.”

On the playing time at right tackle:

“Both will play. A lot of it will be based on how practice goes this week. Tuesday and Wednesday’s practice will go a long way in determining how those reps are going to be split up.”

Backups that have impressed:

“Jordan will rotate some at guard and at center but he’s moved into our second center position. He’s had a solid fall camp. He got sick a little bit last week and missed some time. I like his potential. He’s feisty. He’s a smart football player. I think the center position is something that is not as natural for him but we forced it in the spring and through fall camp. He’s starting to communicate at a high level and we feel good if he needed to go in there. We feel good about him.”

“Jalen and JJ have done a nice job, they’re ready to play, and they’re playing the best football of their careers right now.”

Injury Report:

“Tony Mathis and Mike O’Laughlin are going to kind of be gameday decisions. I’m not real sure how it’s going to play out.”

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