The CFB Notepad – Week 1

Welcome to the first installment of “The CFB Notepad.” This is a weekly article that consists notes I jot down while watching College Football over the weekend. The point of this article is not to provide analysis but rather short, directed thoughts that trigger conversation. Let’s get into The Notepad!

Penn State vs Wisconsin

Penn State DE Arnold Ebiketie is FAST off of the edge. He had a play in Wisconsin game that should’ve been a sack fumble but in that play, he blew right by LT Tyler Beach. Ebiketie blowing by Beach was commonplace at Camp Randall on Saturday.

Wisconsin might have a Top 3 defense. Penn State might have Top 7 defense but their Red Zone defense is phenomenal.

Tulane vs Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s “high powered” offenses no longer intrigue me because, yet again, OU’s issues are on the defensive side of the ball. They cannot stop anyone. Tulane’s first two drives resulted in 2 touchdowns with the first drive taking 1:15 and the second drive taking 3:08. They allowed 400-yards of total offense to Tulane. TULANE! Oklahoma is not the #2 team in the country, but they got the win so they will probably stay there.

Alabama vs Miami

Alabama is, again, Alabama and The U is not back and it is not even close. In defense of Miami, though, Alabama’s recruiting philosophy seems to be “find the most athletic grown men and bring ’em.” Alabama causes problems for everyone but if The U was really back, they would have covered the 3-touchdown spread.


LSU is, once again, overrated to start a season but that is because they are a brand name in the best college football conference in the country. The real story here is how legitimate UCLA has looked through two weeks (played a week 0 game against Hawaii). The next action for the Bruins is when Fresno State comes to Rose Bowl after the bye week and that should be a good test. This same Fresno St. just took #11 Oregon to the wire in Eugene.

Georgia vs Clemson

Both of these teams have great defenses and Clemson supposedly has the best defensive line in the country, but Georgia has the best defense of any team I watched and it is not a competition. Clemson’s loss makes a trip to the Playoff a steep uphill battle being in the ACC, especially with Miami and UNC losing Week 1. Clemson must now run the table and hope to get a ranked opponent from the Coastal in the ACC Championship in hopes to give the selection committee one last piece of evidence. The best thing for Clemson would be for Georgia to run the table, making that 10-3 loss look even better.

William & Mary vs Virginia

UVA took the 43-0 win after a slow star on offense. Obviously, when you record a shutout the defense played well. There are still some areas I would like cleaned up but the defense will be just fine – it is the offense I am concerned about. The starting running back, Wayne Taulapapa, had the same 5 carries as the backup QB, Ira Armstead. The team rushed 32 times using 8 different rushers. Nothing the ‘Hoos did on offense looked comfortable. A lot of that could be due to the time-consuming gimmick plays OC Robert Anae kept calling instead of playing downhill against an inferior opponent. Hopefully, he got those play-calls out of his system and with Illinois coming to town (allowed 160 rushing yards to Nebraska and 217 to UTSA) he’ll rededicate himself to a more traditional running attack.

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