Hello. I’m JT. I grew up in a rural town about an hour and a half east of Pittsburgh. I lived there my whole life until I went off to the best state in the country: Morgantown (Yes I know it isn’t a real state. That is an inside joke from college). After graduating from college in 2015, I settled into Pittsburgh where I still live today. I created this website in the fall of 2018 to share my thoughts on the sports world and try to connect with people with similar thoughts and ideas as me. I am from Pittsburgh with a love for all of the Pittsburgh sports teams except for the university. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer. In October of 2020, Hank Steinmiller joined the team to share his thoughts on sports and gaming. He brings a great following in the iracing community. You can find a little bit of everything here at SportShift Media. We want to bring you a different experience from other blogs and podcasts. You can check us out on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. I am hoping to expand this site and really start to gain some loyal readers and listeners where we can connect and not only provide content for our followers, but provide content that involves our followers. If you want to connect on some ideas you have for me and Hank or would be interested in contributing to the site, send me an email at jthoma0424@gmail.com.

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