Big 12 Power Rankings

We're getting to the end of the season and Baylor is still at the top. The conference is helping them out though if they cancel the West Virginia game. That was one we were all looking forward to. Baylor (17-0, 9-0 in conference) Baylor will be able to get back on the court tomorrow after... Continue Reading →

Episode 9- Gauntlet

We've switched things up a little bit but we are officially live with episode nine of Press Break. You can find it everywhere that you listen to podcasts by searching The Juicebox Pod. We also have new video clips from the podcast that can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SportShiftMedia. (0:35) Jake gives... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner 2/10/21

2-1 day yesterday. We'll keep it rolling and try to bring you another positive day. Jake's Picks 🏀 Wisconsin/Nebraska under 137.5 🏀 Virginia/Georgia Tech over 126 🏀 Indiana -3.5 🏀 Ole Miss -2.5 Chad's Picks 🥅 Bruins/Rangers over 5.5

Gambling Corner 2/9/21

We took a few days off from giving you picks. We're back with only three picks but we're very confident in them. Are you riding or are you fading? Jake's Picks 🏀 Alabama team total under 81.5 Chad's Picks 🥅 Panthers -1.5 Isaac's Picks 🥅 Lightning -1.5

Gambling Corner 2/4/21

The rest of the group went even at 4-4 last night while I struggled with a 2-4 night. My methods are broken at the moment so I'm going back to the basics and have two great picks for you. We have 9 picks total for you tonight. Shrinking the card but still trying to bring... Continue Reading →

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