NFC Divisional Round Preview

The NFC is wide open here with all four quarterbacks having a Super Bowl appearance and three of the four have a ring. There is plenty of experience and talent on these teams that anyone can make it to the championship. I still think that the Packers are a step above everyone else with how... Continue Reading →

AFC Divisional Round Preview

Who's ready for another wild weekend of football? Last week, my Steelers got pounded by the Cleveland Browns but the rest of the AFC went as planned. This week Cleveland gets the pleasure of taking on the defending Super Bowl champs to try and continue their magical run. In the second game, you have two... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner – January 10, 2021

Jake went 3-2 with his picks yesterday while Hank went 2-0. I read his text wrong and included the Titans game which everyone knows is today. Basketball saved me as I almost went 0-3 in the football games. Luckily, I got 51.5 early and squeezed out the under. Let's get into today's games. Jake's Picks... Continue Reading →

AFC Wild Card Preview

I previewed the NFC yesterday and gave my predictions for all of the games this weekend. I went with the favorites in all three games because the NFC doesn't seem to have exciting matchups. Next week will be different as you have big name quarterbacks potentially squaring off. On the AFC side, things are a... Continue Reading →

NFC Wild Card Preview

We finally made it to the playoffs. It has been a wild year but now we get to sit back, enjoy wild card weekend, and even get to see an extra game. More football is always a good thing. The Packers received the only bye in the NFC after ending the season on a six... Continue Reading →

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