Big Ten Power Rankings – January 28, 2021

Michigan continues to lead the way but the matchup between Iowa and Illinois for second place will be a great matchup for some Friday night basketball. 1. Michigan (13-1, 8-1 in conference) Michigan has looked to be a step ahead of the rest of the conference. Outside the hiccup at Minnesota, they've won seven straight... Continue Reading →

Conference Championship Preview

It has been a wild season just like the rest of 2020 but we have finally made it through the regular season and have one last step before determining who will compete for the National Championship. All four teams currently in the top four will be competing this weekend. Let's dive in to the games... Continue Reading →

Big 10 Basketball Power Rankings

Did anybody think that the Big 10 was going to be the best conference in all of college basketball this season. They started the season with three teams in the top ten but the discussion could be had with the Big 12 adding five of the top nineteen or the ACC having their typical dominance... Continue Reading →

Big 10 Basketball Preview

Welcome back to day 2 of my basketball preview! Today we will jump in and talk about the Big 10. Three teams all have a legitimate argument for the top spot with each of them safely in the top 10 of the AP Top 25. The disagreement in who should be first can be seen... Continue Reading →

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