Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly Review 1/25/21 – 1/31/21

As it is with everything I write, the first one is a work in progress. I want to talk more about hockey because that is really what keeps Pittsburgh going in the winter. So every Monday, I'll be here to give you a recap of what happened and a look at all the goals scored... Continue Reading →

Week 14 College Football Recap

We continue with another week of football with no big shake ups in the top 10. They didn't even give us much to talk about Saturday night. Eight of the top ten teams were in action and those games ended with an average margin of victory of 30.5 points. Clemson looked like they were going... Continue Reading →

Week 12 College Football Recap

Week 12 was hyped to be a great day of college football with three ranked matchups that should all be pretty close games. Two of the three lived up to that hype. Outside of the big games, only one ranked team fell this weeked yet again. Liberty fought their way to an 8-0 record but... Continue Reading →

Week 10 NFL Recap

Wow!! What an electric day of football Sunday turned out to be. A torrential downpour on Sunday night football that helped the Patriots get a victory. I still think there might be a chance Bill Belichek can control the weather. An incredible throw and catch on a Hail Mary to win the game in Arizona.... Continue Reading →

Week 9 NFL Recap

The witching hour was a fun one as 8 games were decided by a touchdown or less. Additionally, the Bills upset the Seahawks to move to 7-2 and the Saints put a beatdown on the Bucs on Sunday Night Football. The afternoon window was filled with three great games. First we'll dive into the Raiders... Continue Reading →

Week 10 College Football Recap

Week 10 proved once again that the guys should probably just stick to noon games on Saturdays. The Liberty game was an exciting one as Jake hit the over as both teams went back and forth all game long. Hank had Liberty +16.5 hit easily and for anyone that listened in, you made a lot... Continue Reading →

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